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What is more beautiful than floating smoothly and silently in the sky, relying solely on aerodynamic forces. When gliding in the air, inhale deeply, relax and absorb the most extraordinary moments. No previous experience is required. A pilot, licenced by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation, is guiding you securely through the air. After only a few short steps running down hill, we are lifting off and floating in the air. Feel the wind in your face, while circling over the Saanenland. Soon you will share our fascination for paragliding and you will realize, that your dream of flying has become reality.


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panorama flight

Price: CHF 190.-

Flight time: 10 - 20 mins

Time required: about 1.5 hours

thermic flight

Price: CHF 250.-

Flight time: 40 - 60 mins

Time required: about 2 hours

video photo service

Price: CHF 30.-

We record and create your personal paragliding video.

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Thomas Rast

flight instructor and tandempilot

Martin Zettler

flight instructor and tandempilot

Till Sucker

flight instructor

DarioDi Gioia